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Make in village

Make in village

The Make in Village initiative has been working to convert local bamboo into usable products and create livelihood alternates in tribal villages of Gujarat, India, since 2015. Collaboration with people living in remote areas manifested in creating eco-friendly handmade Miv bamboo pen.

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Handmade Miv bamboo pen


Why Miv bamboo pen?

Bamboo is a very promising material for the future. It is the fastest growing plant and is widely considered as a sustainable material. Depending on species, bamboo naturally features fast growth rate and can be harvested in one to five years, which means less deforestation. Unlike most crops, bamboo does not need agricultural chemicals to thrive which protects nutrients in the soil from depleting. 

Friendly to planet

Miv bamboo pen is alternative to plastic pens. It is completely reusable - by changing refill you can keep it for years.

Creates livelihood

By buying Miv bamboo pen you contributing in creating livelihood for people in remote areas.

Women empowerment

Decentralised manufacturing model creates an opportunity for women to work at home and earn themselves.